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If you find many ff nc yaoi

Don’t bash!

Should comment! or I’ll protect my ff nc.


please in understandable

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Hi, my name is Ellena …
you can call me ‘Ena-chan’
I like Super Junior, likes TeukTeukie yeobo
if you want to be author on my blog ..

create a wordpress account and send your name Accout and your email to:

I really need the participation of all of you


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Protected: Uri Sleepy Teuk (NC-17)

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Forever 13 (Part 2)

Part 2

Class 3-D

“Bhu ~”, shouted Yesung patted Eeteuk’s shoulder who woolgathered in its class.
“Yesungie ~ you’re startled,” Eeteuk said, holding his chest.
“Ahaha ~ five of us going to the canteen, didn’t participate?”, Asked Yesung.
“Who?”, Eeteuk asked, taking off his glasses.
“Heechul, Hangeng, Kangin, Shindong, Ryeowook”, Yesung said.
“How with another?”, Asked Eeteuk.
“Looks like they’re in there”, said Yesung.
“Palli Palli”, shouted Hangeng.
“Ne ~”, said Eeteuk and Yesung simultaneously.
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See at a Glance NC-17 (Part 7 END)

After school …

“Donghae-ah,” Kibum said.
“Wae?”, Asked Donghae.
“I’m shooting in Tokyo”, said Kibum.
“Eh? Until when? “, Asked Donghae.
“Tomorrow ~ during the day”, said Kibum wiping Donghae’s head.
“Arrasso” Donghae said, smiling.
Kibum back gives Donghae quick kiss.
“You~ go there,” said Donghae.
Kibum smiled and immediately ran toward the car.
Donghae cry again, because tomorrow morning he will leave Seoul.
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See at a Glance (part 6)

15 minutes later …

Heechul and Donghae out dressed women. They’re even more beautiful than real women. “Hmmph ~”, Kibum holding his laughter when he saw Heechul and Donghae.

Donghae : Heechul :

“What do you think Kibum-ssi?”, Asked PD.
“HHI ~ Heechul looked more like yeoja, but Donghae looks like a sissy,” said Kibum laughed.
Heechul stopped and immediately turned to Donghae. Donghae seemed shocked to hear Kibum’s words. ‘Uukh ~’, groaned Donghae.
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See at a Glance (part 5)

“Ya ~ Do you become a stuntman?”, Asked Kibum, glowering at Donghae.
“MWO? Nan? Aniyo ~ “, said Donghae shook his head.
“Eii ~ even pretend you’re smart, you cann’t lie to me”, said Kibum.
“ANIYO ~”, said Donghae.
“Tsk ~ Now open your shirt, I will replace the bandages,” said Kibum.
“Eh? No … no, a.. I could change myself”, said Donghae took the bandage from Kibum’s hand.
“Tsk ~ whatever”, Kibum went into his room.
“Ohyuuu ~”, Donghae throw away the breath of relief.
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