See at a Glance (Part 1)

Pairing             : Donghae / Kibum

Rate                  : Molla~?

Author               : Ellena Park

Kibum’s P.O.V

“Annyeonghaseyo, Kibum imnida ~”,

Today is my first day in class XI 3.

But why?

Why in this class and the class was cornered at the end?

And, why I was in class artists such as them?

End of P.O.V

“Ne ~ Kibum-ssi, you sit next to Lee Donghae, there ~ ‘,
“Ah ~ gamsahamnida sungsaengnim”, Kibum nodded and walked lazily to the bench.

“Annyeonghaseyo ~”, replied the friend friendly.

Jlip Jlip.

Donghae staring Kibum’s face with puppy eyes.
‘Eh? what? ‘, Thought Kibum and somewhat distanced his face.
“Ya~, you’re cute, but your voice so manly ~ severe,” Donghae said.
‘That’s a compliment or mockery?’, Thought Kibum a bit upset.
“Donghae-ah, you did it again”, said Namja who sat behind Donghae.
“He always do that, sit down”, said yeoja.
‘Ah, he’s Yoona? The Famous artist ‘, thought Kibum smile to her.
“Henry imnida ~!”, Shouted the Namja who sat behind Donghae.

Kibum just nodded.
“Yoona imnida”, said the yeoja with a smile.
‘Guess right’, thought Kibum taking out his book.

“Donghae imnida ~”, said Lee Donghae who sat next to Kibum.
“Kibum imnida ~ ..”, said Kibum nodded flat.

Donghae’s P.O.V:
Is he the one? She has an aura of ‘snow’? But ~
His aura was different from ordinary children who just want to be an artist without talent …
Interesting~ omoshiroi desu ~ nomu johwa
End of P.O.V
“Kibum ~ you already know us?”, Asked Henry in the cafeteria.
Kibum shook his head, although in his class there were only 15 people, they have equality and cuteness face, make Kibum become confused.
“I introducing them now ~”, said Henry stood up and climbed onto the table.
Kibum just looked confused, Yoona smiled, Donghae sleeping at the table.
“So from that in the corner ~ there~”
“He’s Choi Siwon, artist and singer known for plus the number 2 in the lessons”,
Kibum to Siwon nodded and smiled.
“So, here we come, Seo Ju Hyun, artists and model and always be number 1, both in the field of artist and lessons”, said Henry
“Annyeonghasimnikka”, said Seohyun nodded.
“Annyeongha … simnikka ~”, said Kibum nodded a little hesitant.

“SHINDONG ~!!!!”,, Shouted Henry make a scene.

“Haaah noisy ~ ~!”, Shouted Shindong who no longer eat.
Kibum just laughed in his heart.
“Then ~ Lee Hyuk Jae,” Henry said, hugging Eunhyuk.
“Annyeong imnida ~ ~ monkey,” said Eunhyuk smiled.
Kibum nodded slowly.
“This is Amber, girl you know ~”, said Henry as he tickled Amber
“Ya ~! oh ~ amber imnida “, said Amber while she hit Henry
Kibum nodded slowly.
“I’m Jonghyun, Kibum hyung ~”, said Namja who sat next to Amber.
“Hyung?”, Asked Kibum did not understand.
“Ah ~ This class does not in equal age”, said Henry.
“The younger than you are Jonghyun, Amber, Yoona, Seohyun, Onew, and Kyuhyun”, said Henry.
“Eeteuk imnida ~”, said the new Namja into the classroom.
“Well, he is elders ~”, said Henry laughed.
“Elders ~? Indeed I am really old huh? “, Asked Eeteuk.
“A.. Aniyo ~ very young face Eeteuk-ssi”, said Kibum.
“Tsk ~ No need to use a frill ‘ssi’ Call me just teukie hyung, “said Eeteuk.
“Ne ~ Teukie-hyu .. ung,” Kibum replied doubtfully.
“Nan Heechulieda”, said Namja pretty sitting in the corner.
“Hangeng imnida ~”, said Namja with his Chinese accent.
“Minho imnida ~”, said Minho.

“Oh yes, hi, hyung ~”, continued Minho again.
Kibum smiled.

“Ne ~ yorobeun bangapseumnida”, said Kibum smiled pleased.
‘They’re good’, Kibum said in his heart.
After school …
Kibum whose home is very far from the school, forced to live in a dormitory.
Kibum walked toward the guards and locker room key.
“Ano ~ my commodities were in the room in?”, Asked Kibum.
“Ah ~ Kibum-ssi, was in the 23”, said the guard’s locker while providing the key to Kibum.
“Gamsahamnida ~”, said Kibum and then leave.

Room 23 …
“Ah ~ quiet and spacious”, Kibums murmured, looking at the contents of his room.

Kibum accidentally kicked the table.
‘Oops aakh ~ ~’, Kibum be grin while holding his leg.

“Nuguse ~ eh?”, Someone out of the toilet room.

Kibum just stared at him in silence.
“Neo??”, They both shouted simultaneously.
“Kibum, what are you doing here?”, Asked Donghae.
“I should be asked,” Kibum protest.
“It’s my room ~” Donghae said as he wiped his face with a towel.
“Eh? This 23 room right? “, Asked Kibum sure.
Donghae nodded and was accidentally released his aegyo.
“That means you’re a friend of one my room?”, Asked Kibum with red ears rather see a cute Donghae not clear.
“Looks like ~ no wonder there are goods entering today,” Donghae said as he scratched his head.

Donghae sat on the couch and turn on the television.
Kibum check his belongings and tidy.

“Kibum-ah, what are you doing?”, Asked Donghae.
“Clean, did you not see?”, Kibum asked again.
“Aniyo~ what you’re debut? Up to enter the class artist? “, Donghae asked again.
“Molla ~”, said Kibum.
“Oh ~”, Donghae nodded and returned the focus to the film.

Kibum’s P.O.V:

Why the body of a man invisible disability? He looks more like a woman?.
I thought as I stared at him intently.

“Wae?”, He asked, turning. It really makes surprise.

“Aniyo ~, I just see the tv why?”, I said.

“Tv? You’re watching an advertisement? “, Donghae asked to see me weird.

“N.. Ne ~ it’s funny”, I replied again.

‘SHIT ~ there is no one more cool? See the advertisement? Kibummie babo ya!’,

I shouted loud and embarrassed, in the heart.

End of P.O.V

Donghae is sleepy, he sleep on the couch.

Kibum turned off the television and then tried to wake Donghae.
“Donghae-ssi, not good if you sleep on the couch,” Kibum said.
“Arraseo ~ You go ahead, I want to enjoy the couch first,” said Donghae again put his face on the leather sofa.
“Haah ~ all right”, said Kibum gave up and went into his room.
‘Hopefully tomorrow bright and nothing happened that sucks’, Kibum said before he fell asleep.

Ciip … Ciip …

“Kibum ~ Kibum ~ hurry up get up”, he said, Donghae patting Kibum’s shoulders.

“Nggh ~”, Kibum opened her eyes slightly.
“YA ~! Hurry up, first class is sport”, Donghae replied irritably.
“Ne ~ You go ahead,” said Kibum.
“Uh ~ never mind”, Donghae immediately picked up his bag and then leave.

‘He was like someone who had long known me, but someone somewhere,’ muttered Kibum getting out of bed.

Field …

“Hoi ~ new classmate, this is too late ~!”, Eunhyuk shouted with a smile and waved.

“Mian ~”, said Kibum ran to his friends.

Arrival Kibum is very striking, making the male and female students from regular classes unnerved.
“Hoi ~ ~ Cow,” Donghae shouted as he ruffled his hair Kibum.
“Ya ~!!!”, Kibum cried as she smoothed back her hair.
“Why? How come you’re so close is that? “, Asked Onew.
“We are room mate now,” said Donghae smiled while hugging Kibum.
Shindong was originally not understand,
‘Eh? Roommate? ‘, Thought Shindong.
then he pulled Donghae away from Kibum and others.

“Ah ~ hyung, waegure?”, Protested Donghae because Shindong pull him hard.
“Babo-ya ~! you were yeoja, if discovered how? “, whispered Shindong with loud tone.
“Never, ~, I have meditated a lot,” said Donghae smiled.
“Meditation for what? If you caught, ajussi will take you to America! “, Said Shindong warned.
“Ne ~ anyways if I’ve found the ‘Snow’, I’ll go back there, jinjjayo!”, said Donghae, patting Shindong on the shoulder.
“Ah ~ well, which is important not to get caught”, said Shindong.

“Donghae-hyung, why so late ?”, Asked Jonghyun and Onew.
While Kibum had run 1 lap.
“Ne ~ mianhae, come on ~”, said Donghae and then run with Jonghyun and Onew.

Donghae is a little shaky and then fell exhausted.

He fell down and his leg injured.
“Aish! Aphasseo ~! “, Shouted the Donghae holding a bloody leg.
Kibum and others startled, they immediately ran toward Donghae.
“Gwenchana?”, Asked Kibum.
“Ne ~ gwenchanayo”, said Donghae.

“Come here ~!”, Replied Siwon immediately lift Donghae.
“Ya ~! I can walk!! Is I’m a yeoja? “, asked Donghae protest.
“That’s right ~”, Siwon immediately walked out of the other.
“Come everybody, continue to exercise”, said the teacher.

Siwon did not care about the ridicule of friends, he still raised Donghae to healthy room.

“Ya ~! Do not you think if we deem gay? “, Asked Donghae.
“Tsk ~! Ssireo ~!!”, snapped Siwon, opening the door with his foot.

Donghae sit on the mattress while Siwon opened the healthy box.
“Ya ~ are you silly, huh?”, Asked Siwon.
Donghae nodded firmly.
“Shitter ~ remember, only five of us who know you are yeoja, not to the other also”, said Siwon while giving iodine on the wound Donghae.
“Ne ~”, said Donghae.
“Hmm~ good boy, anii~ but good girl”, Siwon smiled and ruffled his hair Donghae.

In the afternoon …

“Kibum-ssi, you come with me, now!” Donghae said as seriously as possible and immediately pulled his hand Kibum.
“Wa … Wae?”, Asked Kibum immediately put his book. Donghae pulled hard.

Along the way, all the attention to Kibum.

‘Why would they staring at me?’, Thought Kibum while look toward.

Donghae Kibum invited to the biggest Dome.
“YA ~! why are we here? “, asked Kibum
“Kotjinmal ~!”, Said Donghae.
“AIH, Wae?”, Asked Kibum as he ruffled his hair.
“You said, you’re not the artist!” Donghae shouted as he shake finger at the big banner at the entrance to the Dome.
‘Kim Ki Bum is the best actor in this year’

“MWO ?!!!”, Kibum screamed in disbelief.
Neither Donghae, scowling abysmally because he is now ranked second because Kibum no-one took his place.

to be continued~

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  1. yesungiee says:

    New reader..
    I’m not really understand but it’s good story..
    May I ask?? Are donghae is yoeja??

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