Forever 13 (Part 1)

Part 1

13 years ago ~

“Eeteukie ~ let’s wake up, this was at 8 am”, said yeoja give a body shook to little Eeteuk.
“Nngh ~ nuna, I’m still sleepy,” Eeteuk said, wiping his eyes.
“Aigo ~ you’ve got to school today”, said the noona warned.
“I don’t want that alone ~”, whined Eeteuk.
“Oh, what can we do? You must be school, ireonayo “, said the nuna pulled Eeteuk’s blanket and carried him into the bathroom. Took him toothbrush and then bathing him.
“Nuna ~ when I have a friend? I’m bored alone “, said Eeteuk.
“Ne, ne, but you must be diligent to school first”, said the nuna while combing hair Eeteuk.
“Huft”, said Eeteuk make a chubby style.

1 year later ~


“Nuna ~ rain is very heavy,” Eeteuk said, staring at the window.
“Yeah ~ you move close to a heated, so as not to catch cold”, said the nuna hold Eeteuk to the rocking chair.

Din Din …

There was a car horn with great emotion.
“HEY! WILL DIE, HUH? “, Shouted the driver.

“Eeteuk, don’t be like that “, replied the nuna rubbed the head of the small Eeteuk.
“Ne ~ then who was shouted by him?”, Asked Eeteuk.
“Nuna not know”, said the nuna shook his head.
“Teukie ~ wait, nuna want to cook first”, said nuna then leave.

Eeteuk is curious about what was happening outside, chose to take the umbrella and ran out.

‘Aah, heavy rain’, thought Eeteuk, folding his hands.
Eeteuk silent after seeing the child lying and are accompanied by a gray cat which appears to ask for help.
Eeteuk ran and bolster the body of the boy, the cat started to follow them.
Eeteuk get into the dorm in wet conditions.
“Eeteuk ~! What are you doing? “, Shouted the nuna is being put food on the table and immediately ran to Eeteuk.
“Nuna ~ He was sleeping on the street,” Eeteuk said innocently.
“Oh god ~ so hot body of this child, let’s take him to the room”, said the nuna hold the boy and Eeteuk followed.

2 hours later …

“Nngh ~”, the boy opened his eyes slowly.
He looked around to the room and fell silent.
“Annyeong ~ gwenchana?”, Asked Eeteuk smiled.
“O.. Odigayo? Hee … Heebum, where is Heebum? “, He asked frantically.
“Heebum? You mean the cat? “, Eeteuk asked, pointing to a cat who was asleep on the couch.
“Heebumie ~”, he called, with the cat immediately jumped into his lap.

“Are you okay? Eat this while warm “, said the nuna, gave him a bowl of porridge.
“Nuna ~ I do?”, Asked Eeteuk.
“It ~ ‘, said the nuna smiled grimly and gave a bowl of porridge at Eeteuk.

“O.. Odigayo?”, Asked the boy.
“This hostel Blue Rose, where school children at Sakura Blue’s School”, said the nuna.
“Why nobody here?”, Heechul asked slowly.
“Since this new build, so there’s only us”, said Eeteuk.
Heechul nodded slowly.

“Eeteuk imnida, what’s your name?”, Asked Eeteuk.
“Hee … Heechul, Kim Heechul,” he said, nodding.
“How old are you?”, Eeteuk asked again.
“Eng ~ 6 years old”, he said.
“Wooa, we are the same …” Eeteuk yelled happy.

“Heechul-gun, why did you get loose in this rain?”, Asked nuna as she returned to dry Heechul’s wet hair.
“Ee ~ I haven’t home,” said Heechul.
“Why? Do you want to live here ? “, Asked Eeteuk.
“Teuk Teuk, be quiet first,” said nuna shut small Eeteuk mouths.
“I don’t have parents,” said Heechul cool.
“You want to stay here?”, Asked nuna.
“Ne ~ but what I have to pay?”, Asked Heechul.
“Aniyo ~ you were living alone and we will pay for your school”, said nuna.
“Gomapdago ~” Heechul said, smiling.
“Assa~ Eeteukie  now has a friend”, said Eeteuk smiled pleased.

1 year later …

Come son named Shindong, aged 6 years. And settled in the dorm. He found what he wanted. That is a friend.
“Chingu saranghaeyo”

2 years later …


Knocking at the door of the dormitory very hard, making Eeteuk, Heechul and Shindong awakened.
“What is it?”, Ask them who is now 8 years old and 7-year-old Shindong.
“Teukie, Chulie, Shindong, jjamkanman, nuna want to see the situation first”, said the nuna and then walked quickly to the door.

“Nuguseyo … o?”, The nuna shocked rather she see a child crying in front of the door contains.
“Help me ~”, he said, weeping.
“You .. you what happen? Come with nuna, we enter into “, said nuna bring him inside.

“Nuna, Who is he?”, Asked Heechul.
In the follow Eeteuk who bring a teddy bear while Shindong bring ramyeon.
“He’s Kangin, now he will stay here and he is same age with you”, said the nuna smile.

“Jongmal?”, Asked Eeteuk came out of sleepiness.
“A … annyeonghaseyo” Kangin replied somewhat shaky.
“Annyeong”, said Heechul relaxed.
“Hwanyeonghamseyo”, said Shindong because in his mouth full of food.
“ANNYEONG ~!”, Shouted Eeteuk very happy.
“Ya ~ Could reduce your voice?”, Protested Heechul closed ears.
“Ehehe, mian,” Eeteuk said, laughing.

Kangin went into his room are accompanied by Eeteuk and Shindong.
“Nuna ~”, said Heechul.
“Ne?”, Asked nuna
“He seems burdened, what happened to him?”, Asked Heechul.
“Who? Kangin? “, Asked nuna.
Heechul nodded.
“He was just in shock over rough treatment of his stepmother, he ran over here for fear that he would kill his stepmother, as his stepmother wrenching his back”, said nuna honest.
“So that?”, Asked Heechul again.
“Ne ~”, said nuna.
Heechul went into Kangin’s room.
They are playing monopoly, seems Eeteuk and Kangin was reassuring.
“Kangin-ah, Open your shirt now,” said Heechul.
“A.. Wa .. Wae?”, Kangin asked directly closes his body.
“Iih ~ Heechul porn”, said Eeteuk closed his eyes.
“Hyung, waeyo?”, Asked Shindong.
“Ish! Chatty, open now! “, because Heechul impatient man, he immediately pulled clothes Kangin.
All was silent.
“You never treat it?”, Asked Heechul.
Kangin shook his head.
“Tsk ~ Eeteukie, bring me a box of drugs there,” said Heechul.
“Thi.. This”, said Eeteuk.
“If it’s hurt say,” Heechul said, pouring alcohol.
“Go hiks .. .. .. gomaapseumni da” Kangin replied with a sob.
“Aish, stop crying, not like your strong match,” said Heechul heading Kangin’s head.
Eeteuk was silent and smiling self. Shindong always with food.

In the afternoon …

“Eeteuk, Heechul, Kangin, Shindong! There are new friends “, shouted happily nuna.
Four of them were run down.

“Annyeonghaseyo, Eunhyuk imnida”, he said.

“Eeteuk imnida”, said Eeteuk raised his hand.
“Heechulida”, said Heechul cool.
“Kangin imnida”, said Kangin leaned
“Shindongie ~”, said Shindong.
“Ne ~ hyung,” Eunhyuk said, bowing.
“Hyung? How old are you? “, Asked Eeteuk.
“~ 7 years old,” said Eunhyuk.
“You just need to call the three of them with ‘hyung’, not me, we are same,” Shindong said smiling happy.
“Ne”, said Eunhyuk.
“It appears we are old”, vituperation Heechul.

1 year later …

” Annyounghaseyeo~ Han Geng ibunida”, he said.

Eeteuk, Kangin, Eunhyuk and Shindong was silent.
While Heechul hold his laughter.
“You mean ‘annyeonghaseyo hangeng imnida’?”, Asked Heechul.
Hankyung turned and seemed to think. Then he nodded, seems already to understand the words of Heechul.
“How old are you?”, Asked Kangin.
“Red ~”, he said.
“U.. Age, why the answer is red?”, Eeteuk asked confused.
“How old are you?”, Asked Heechul with english.
“9”, he said.
“What does it mean?”, Asked the same Kangin and Eeteuk.
“he’s 9 years old, together with us”, said Heechul smiled.
“Banngaapseomnida”, she said, bowing.
“Bangapseumnida”, his fifth instantly cheered.
Nuna just shaking his head.

In the afternoon …

Choi Siwon living in dormitories. Make nuna happy. Because now Eeteuk and everything has to have friends who are very valuable.
“Choi Siwon imnida, I was 7 years old”, he said.

“AIH ~ he calls us all hyung”, Shindong sighed.

In the evening …

“Jogiyo ~”, someone yelled out of dorm.
“Jamshimannyo ~”, said the nuna ran.

“Nuguseyo?”, Asked the nuna.
“Annyeonghasimnikka”, he said, his brother’s hand grasp.
“Ne ~ how can I help you?”, Asked nuna.
“I want to leave my brother here, since the departure of father and mother, he never smiled, I hope he can smile again”, he said he kissed his brother forehead.
“Ah ~ what is your name?”, Asked nuna.
“Donghae!”, He replied curtly.
“Eng ~ so .. sorry his behavior not good,” he said.
“Gwenchanayo ~ let’s go”, said nuna to Donghae and let go.

Shorten the story, Donghae acquainted with 6 other people. He still remained silent and shut myself in my room. But the naughty Eunhyuk, even danced the dance Candy from HOT with Shindong before and Donghae laughed even make everyone laugh.

2 years later …

“Annyeonghaseyo, Kibum imnida”, he said.

“Uwaaa ~ you’re a model in this magazine,” Eeteuk said.
Kibum nodded slowly.
“Wuua bangapseumnida ~ ~”, said it all.

1 year later …

Cho Kyuhyun came with a sour face.
All the people cheer, but Kyuhyun stay focused on the game.
Until Kibum hit Kyuhyun’s head.
“Hey ~ can you speak? Or dumb? “, Asked Kibum.
Originally Kyuhyun want to fight, but he looked at Kibum and …
“HUWEEEE”, crying uncontrollably.
“Ya ~ Ya ~ waegure?”, Asked all his frantic attempt to stop crying Kyuhyun.

and then they meet Ryewook, Yesung and Sungmin~

“Teuk-hyuung ~”, said Eunhyuk pats Eeteuk’s shoulder who was daydreaming.
“Waeyo?”, Because Eunhyuk, Eeteuk asked interrupting his reverie.
“What are you thinking?”, Asked Eunhyuk.
“The past”, said Eeteuk smiled.
“Tsk ~ come on, time for extra curricular activities,” said Eunhyuk pulled Eeteuk .
“Yes ~ Yes”, immediately Eeteuk walk following Eunhyuk.

(To be continued)


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