See at a Glance (Part 2)

“Ikemwoya?!”, Shouted Kibum.
“I should have said so”, said Donghae annoyed while sleeping on her favorite couch.
“Since when did I become so? I do not have to audition ~ “, said Kibum said, back and forth trying to remember something.
‘Riing Riing’

Mobile Kibum sound ~
“YA ~! Kibum-ah “,
“Hyung? Waegure? ”
“Go to S Entertaiment now”,
“Hyung ~ is your job huh?”
“Hurry up~, come here now!”,
“YA~! Wae? ”
“Hurry ~ bye”,
“Ah ~ Hyung, jjakam jjakam ~”,

Pit …

“Aish!”, Vituperation Kibum and closing the phone.
“Wae?”, Asked Donghae.
“Please, accompany me ~”, Kibum requested.
“Where?”, Donghae asked as he smoothed his hair.
“S Entertainment”, said Kibum.
“Why? Why go there? “, Asked Donghae who was in the same entertainment.
“Molla ~ come on”, Kibum said, with pulling Donghae.
“Ne ~ Ne ~”, Donghae even get up from his couch and changing shape.

Donghae took his car keys and put on his jacket while Kibum just wear a hat and sunglasses.
“You can drive a car?”, Asked Kibum.
“Can ~ but it does make the heart sick,” said Donghae smiles naughty.
“Aigo ~ I drive your car”, Kibum immediately took over Donghae’s car and departed.

On the road …
Donghae turn the i-pod while Kibum focus with the street.
“Donghae, you’re a singer and actor, are you?”, Asked Kibum crashed into silence.
“Ne ~”, Donghae nodded with a focus on the screen his ipod.
“Huft ~”, Kibum just heaved a breath.
“Waeyo?”, Asked Donghae with a soft tone.
“Ani ~ I’m just confused, what to do later”, said Kibum.
“Do what you can ~ definitely succeed,” said Donghae smiled.
“Gamsahamnida ~”, said Kibum.

S Entertaiment

“Donghae-ssi, Kibum-ssi, annyeonghasimnikka”
That the words of the officials who bustling around in office at the time seeing Donghae and Kibum.

“Kibum ~!”, Shouted Kangin, he was the caller earlier.
Kibum immediately ran to Kangin while Donghae follow him from behind.

“YA ~ you like it? Yoona’s acting with you tomorrow”, said Kangin without preamble.
“What movies? But I’m not able to act hyung!? “, Protest Kibum.
“Can not my ass, when you’re not playing the role of Snow Prince, right?”, Asked Kangin.
Kibum nodded. Donghae that heard it was shocked.
”Snow? ‘, Kibum Do people who at that time?’, Thought Donghae.
“Donghae ~ waegure?”, Asked Donghae Kibum as strange.
“A.. Aniyo ~ I’m going to my room a minute,” said Donghae ran.
“Donghae ~”, shouted someone hugged Donghae.
“Oppa ~, later found out,” said Donghae tried to escape from the arms of the man.
“Ah ~ you’re a man now ~”, he said, sitting on the couch.
“Yunho-hyung, what are you doing here?”, Asked Donghae back in business.
“You can contract again ~” Yunho said as he gave his letters to Donghae.
“See at a glance?”, Asked Donghae.
“Ne ~ you play with Yoona, Siwon, and Kibum the newcomer, of course you are male roles,” said Yunho.
“Yeah ~ I got my artist was as a man,” Donghae replied irritably.
“Ne ~ luckily, you never can be the kiss scene,” said Yunho.
“Weeek ~! Who is willing to kiss with fellow? “, Protest Donghae.
“If same as me?”, Asked Yunho began looking for attention.
“would better I kissed goat ~!”, Said Donghae.
“Babo ya ~” Yunho replied irritably, while heading the head of Donghae.
Donghae choose to tamper with his laptop.

While Yunho back to work, regular model and singer who again rise.

‘Kibum are finished yet??’, Thought Donghae. ‘What I’m looking for it? “, He added again.
Donghae got up from his seat and opened the door.

Apparently Kibum and Donghae initiative together.
“Donghae? Wae? Let’s go home ~ “,
“Ah, ne ~”,
The next pay day …
“Wuah ~ Kibum has begun to debut”, said Eeteuk while writing, writing on the board.
“Ne”, Kibum nodded. Donghae sullen and resentful.
“I heard you guys want to play movies together?”, Asked Eunhyuk.
“Ne ~ Me, Kibum oppa, Donghae oppa and Siwon oppa” Yoona said smiling.
“Haah ~ I can’t act”, Kibum moaned.
“Noisy”, said Donghae and back sullen.
“What’s wrong with you?”, Asked Minho. “Aniyo ~”, said Donghae.
“He’s jealous of me”, said Kibum said, giggling.
“Wae?”, Asked Shindong, Eunhyuk, Minho, Eeteuk, Hangeng and Yoona simultaneously.
“Because I was ranked 1,” Kibum replied again.
“Noisy!!!”, Donghae immediately left the class.
“I pursue him now~”, said Kibum and then went after Donghae.
Donghae who upset chose to flee to the roof.

Donghae’s P.O.V:
‘Uuuh ~! Why am I so upset?! Why Kibum would also have to like the same with Snow! But I don’t want to go quickly from this school! Hopes that after graduation I met him ‘, I sighed and closed my eyes. Enjoying the fresh air.
“Donghae-ya”, said someone opened the door.
“MWO?”, Asked me upset, because I knew it was Kibum.
“What? Do not you like me to play movies with you? “, He asked.
“Ish! Whatever you say ~! “, I said, annoyed, and rise from my sleep.
“Uung ~”, He said with puppy eyes.
‘CIH ~! He’s so mean ‘, curse me and moved away.
“Donghae ~!!!”, he shouted my name and holding my hand.
“WAE ?!!!!!”, shouted.

Kibum  suddenly startled Donghae by a shrill cry of the story somehow.

“Argh ~! You make me in bad humour!”, Donghae shouted.
“YA ~! I’m already well ask! Why are you so angry?! “, Shouted Kibum.
“DO NOT ASK ME !!!”, Donghae shouted loudly and then leave.
‘Haah ~, what’s wrong with him? like yeoja during menstruated ‘, muttered Kibum.

The day afternoon ..

‘Kibum, Donghae, Yoona, Siwon from class artists, please its presence in the hall right now’.
‘EH?’, Kibum puzzled to hear the call.
“Kibum ~ come on”, calling Siwon.
“Ne ~”, said Kibum and moved away.
“Donghae-Oppa ~ where is he?”, Asked Yoona
“He said he came home first,” said Siwon
“Oh ~”, Yoona just nodded.

‘Ish! Namja Babo what’s wrong with you? ‘, Kibum muttered irritably.

~ In the hall ~
Apparently the crew and staff who helped film making See at a glance that, there in the hall.
“Annyeonghaseyo ~”, said the director.
“Annyeonghaseyo”, said three of them.
“Where is Lee Donghae?”, He asked.
“Emm ~ he came home,” said Siwon.
” can you ask to come for take the first film?”
“Ne ~”, said Yoona. Kibum just nodded. Siwon still okay wrote.
“Could you please tell Donghae?”, Asked the director.
“Ne ~ I’ll tell”, said Donghae’s roommate Kibum.
“Okay ~ I’ll see you later”, said the director.


“Donghae ~”, Kibum Donghae knocked on the door loudly.
“MWO ?!!”, Donghae shouted from his room.

“Will there first take, you in order to come! I brought the script, “Kibum said.
“Ne ~, put it ahead”, said Donghae.
“Aniyo ~ open the door first,” said Kibum.
‘CIH’, in disgust Donghae opened the door of his room.
“Gomawo!,” Donghae replied quickly seized the manuscript and re-closed the door.
“Did not have good manners ~”, muttered Kibum and he returned to his room.

Donghae read one by one sheet of the manuscript.
Page 24

Yoona as Gayou: ‘Oppa ~!’, He yelled running toward Yuso
Kibum as Yuso: “Gayou ~ mi … mianhaeyo”, she said, holding his head that hurt.
“Do you remember? I was your fiance, the person you love during this “, said Gayou.
“Ne ~”, replied immediately embraced Gayou Yuso.
“Oppa ~!”, Gayou continued to cry in the arms Yuso
Yuso who really miss the warmth Gayou, thrust his face into the face Gayou. They were kissing behind the hospital curtains.

‘How I upset you?’, Donghae thought as he closed the manuscript.
He also re-read it. ‘Ehh?’, Shouted Donghae read the script on this one.

Siwon as Rui: Kevin-ah! Eh ~! (Rui foot stumbled and he fell right on Kevin)
Donghae as Kevin: ‘Mmpph!’, Kevin shocked, because their lips meet each other.
“MWOYA ?!!!! MY FIRST KISS ??!!!”, SAME guy yelled Kevin.
Rui had already wiped his lips and even vomiting. Kevin crying blood.

“Kill me”, said Donghae and chose to tamper with his laptop.

(To be continued)


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