Forever 13 (Part 2)

Part 2

Class 3-D

“Bhu ~”, shouted Yesung patted Eeteuk’s shoulder who woolgathered in its class.
“Yesungie ~ you’re startled,” Eeteuk said, holding his chest.
“Ahaha ~ five of us going to the canteen, didn’t participate?”, Asked Yesung.
“Who?”, Eeteuk asked, taking off his glasses.
“Heechul, Hangeng, Kangin, Shindong, Ryeowook”, Yesung said.
“How with another?”, Asked Eeteuk.
“Looks like they’re in there”, said Yesung.
“Palli Palli”, shouted Hangeng.
“Ne ~”, said Eeteuk and Yesung simultaneously.

Arriving at the canteen, Shindong, the sorter direct food ordering. While others sit at the table is empty. They are thirteen as ‘Prince Charming’. Cool and make them smile charmed the ladies.

“Hyung ~ I want to borrow Japanese books”, said Sungmin.
“You’re talking to who?”, Asked Eeteuk, Heechul, Kangin Hangeng and simultaneously.
“Everything, who want to lend a book to me?”, Said Sungmin.
“Ne ~ take it to the dorm,” said Hangeng kindly.
“Okay”, said Sungmin back to eat the food.
“Ya ~ where is Gui shian?”, Asked Hankyung.
All was silent, not understanding the purpose of Hankyung.
“Who is he?”, With Kangin asked innocently.
“Aish ~ I mean Kyuhyun,” Hankyung said, annoyed.
“He’s in the math club,” said Donghae.
“Since when did the name ‘Kyuhyun’ turned into ‘Gui shian’?”, Asked Heechul.
“Ish ~ from today! I’ll make you a Chinese name”, Hankyung said, pointing to use chopsticks.
“Eii ~ chinese duck!”, sneered Heechul.
“Ssireo ~”, said Hankyung.

“To Eeteuk, Li Te”, he said, pointing Eeteuk.
“Li Te? Very complicated “, protest Teukie.
“Nagging ~ to Yesung …. Emm”, thought Hankyung.
“Yi Sheng?”, Asked Yesung.
“Ne ~ but where do you know?”, Asked Hankyung.
“Ahaha ~ I guess,” Yesung said laughing.
“To Eunhyuk, Yin He”, said Hankyung as he drank the juice.
“Yin He? As a woman, “Eunhyuk protest.
“You’re a woman ~!”, Jeered Donghae and Kibum simultaneously.
“YA ~!!”, Eunhyuk shouted as he clenched his hands.
“To Donghae, Dong Hai”, said Hankyung smiled.
“Hai ~” Donghae replied dryly.
“To Kibum, Qi Fan”, said Hankyung.
“Wo ai ni”, said Kibum smiled very pushy.
“Emm ~ Shin Dong, just need to replace the letter ‘D’ its course”, said Hankyung.
“Shin Tong ~?”, Shindong asked who else to eat dumplings.

“No~ but Shen Tong”, said Hankyung.
“To Kangin, Qiang Ren,” said Hankyung.
“The length of ~”, moaned Kangin.
“To Ryeowook, Li Xu,” said Hankyung.
“Ne”, Ryeowook just nodded.
“Done, let’s go eat”, said Hankyung and forget someone.


It seems there is heat in the Kangin.
“Hyung ~ you forgetting something?”, Kangin asked to Hankyung.
“What?”, Hankyung asked again.
“Euh ~ hot in here,” Eeteuk sighed as he waved his hand.
“Eh?”, Hankyung immediately turned to the Eeteuk, Heechul there he sees a burning anger.
“YA ~! china duck! China stupid! You forget about me, huh? “, Heechul asked, folding his hands.
“Hehe ~ mian mian, Xi Che, Che Xi is your name,” Hankyung said, scratching his head.
“PIH ~ forget it,” Heechul said, annoyed, looks his mood was changed.

“Kyuhyun-ah! Odigayo? “, Asked a student ran from the club room.
“I’m going to the cafeteria, why?”, Asked Kyuhyun.
“Aniyo ~ there was a call for you”, he said.
“Phone? Who? “, Asked Kyuhyun.
“It seems from your mother,” he said again.
“Forget it!”, Said Kyuhyun and then leave.
Kyuhyun, who late half hour ago, only to see Shindong, Donghae and Eunhyuk .
“Ya ~ why are you so late?”, Eunhyuk protest.
“Mianhae hyung, there was a slight problem”, said Kyuhyun.
“What problems? You’re a genius “, said Shindong.
“Emm ~ sungsaengnim asked me to join olympics in America”, said Kyuhyun.
“Wua ~ that’s cool,” remarked Donghae.
“I know! But I don’t want “, said Kyuhyun.
“Wae?”, Asked Shindong, Donghae and Eunhyuk simultaneously.
“The committee is the father and mother”, said Kyuhyun.
“So?”, Asked Shindong.
“Ne ~ I just don’t want”, said Kyuhyun.

Kibum came out of nowhere, he hit Kyuhyun’s head.
“YA ~!”, Kyuhyun shouted.
“Are you stupid?”, Asked Kibum.
“Why? Why you call me stupid? “, Kyuhyun asked irritably.
“Obviously, you’re so stupid!”, Said Kibum.
“That’s right ~ you’re just smart in math but you’re stupid count in computing a reality, maknae”, said Donghae replied Kibum.
“What do you mean?”, Asked Kyuhyun.
“You have to join the Olympics! Then think independently”, said Kibum and then leave.
“Ya ~! What does he mean?! “, Shouted Kyuhyun didn’t understand.
“Tsk ~! You’re stupid, “said Donghae and then leave.
“Eh? ~ Hyung”, Kyuhyun immediately turned to Eunhyuk and Shindong.
“Sorry, if that is we don’t interfere,” said Eunhyuk and Shindong straight away.
‘UUUH ~!’, Vituperation Kyuhyun and then ran to Eeteuk’s class.

“Teukieeee-hyuuuung ~” Kyuhyun said go to Eeteuk’s class.
“Ya ~ Kyuhyun-ah, waegure?”, Asked Eeteuk.
“Ottokkhae? I’m confused ~ “, said Kyuhyun.
“Wae? You forget all the math formulas? That’s impossible “, said Eeteuk smiled.
“Ani ~ hyung, if I’m on the point to join the international Olympics, what should I do?”, Asked Kyuhyun.
“Ya in the future ~ is willing to accept in my vain,” Eeteuk said as strongly-asserted.
“But the committee is mom and dad,” Kyuhyun sighed.
“So?”, Eeteuk asked coldly.
“… I don;t want …”, said Kyuhyun looked down.
“Mwoya? Only once have you not? Did you ever think? Dropped a great way parents? “, Asked Eeteuk.
Kyuhyun shook his head.
“Aish! Babo gateun! Join the Olympic games, and be the winner! They will shocked see you”, said Eeteuk kick Kyuhyun’s ass.
“A.. Are you sure?”, Asked Kyuhyun.
“Although I don’t understand what you mean, just I’m sure,” Eeteuk said.
“Ooh ~ arrasso”, Kyuhyun ran.


“Sungsaengnim, I will join the Olympic”, said Kyuhyun smiled.

In the morning at the airport …

“Kyuhyun-ah !!!”, shouted Sungmin, Yesung and Shindong. While others were still walking leisurely in the rear.
“Hyung ~ I’m leaving,” Kyuhyun said, waving his hand.
“Ya ~ plane was still half an hour, Do you bored play with us?”, Asked Eeteuk.
“Haha ~ mian, I’m just excited,” said Kyuhyun.
“Morale? And yesterday complaining “, sneered Eeteuk.
“Maybe the formula in his brain was update,” Kibum said.
“The formula of life? Shitter ~ “, sneered Donghae.
“Noisy! Then I willn’t go home, forever “, shouted Kyuhyun.
“It’s up! We don’t care! “, Cheering Hangeng, Donghae, Kibum and Heechul.

Kyuhyun looked frozen heard that some of his hyung.
“Ya ~ Kyuhyun-ah, let the devil go”, Shindong said holding Kyuhyun’s shoulder.
“Who the devil!”, Four of them shouted.
“Ne ~! I’m ready! Hyung I leave ya! “, Kyuhyun shouted and then leave.
“Be careful”, said Shindong.
“Magnae ~! Beware if you don’t bring trophies to home”, Heechul shouted.
“Arrasso”, Kyuhyun shouted waving his hand.
Neither of his hyung it.

(To be continued)


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