See at a Glance (Part 3)

Piip Piip, incoming sms.

‘From Siwon?’, Donghae thought, opening the contents of these sms.

YA ~ you’ve read the script?
I really kiss you ok? ~: P

“EEH ?!!!”, Donghae shouted annoyed.
Wishes ~!
You want in say gay?

Piip Piip, replies
Gay what?
You are yeoja
Hahahaha ~

“IIIKH! Bummer! “, Donghae shouted immediately throw phone.

Donghae went first because they have to take ads in some places.
‘Huuh ~ I’m afraid’, Kibum moaned in her heart.

Riing Riing ~ ~
Mobile Kibum sound,
“Kibum-ssi, can you come 10 minutes early?”
“Aegesseumnida, waegure?”
“You have take to make the teaser”
“All right, I’ll get there now”,

Kibum who borrowed Donghae’s motor directly go to the set.

Arriving on the set …
“Kibum~!!” Siwon shouted,.

“Ah ~ ~ annyeong,” Kibum said as he put his motorcycle keys.
“Where is Donghae?”, Asked Kibum.

“He said take advertising, will catch up”, said Yoona came from a distance.

“Oh ~”, Kibum nodded.

The director came over to three of them.

“Kibum-ssi, Yoona- ssi can we take scenes kissu now?”, He asked.
“MWO?”, Shouted Kibum.

“Ne ~”, Yoona familiar direct road to the film take place.
“ya ~ do what you can”, Siwon said, pushing Kibum.

Kibum’s P.O.V:
‘Uuh ~ how?’, I mumbled, biting my lower lip.

“Kibum-oppa? Gwenchanayo, also don’t do for real “, said Yoona.

‘Ah, that’s right ~’, I thought with relief.

“Andwemida, you have to kiss for real”, said the director.

“Ah ~ Wae?” I asked.

“This is your first movie, do your best”, he said, pointing to the script.

“Haah ~”, I just resigned.
End of P.O.V

Donghae that rush again take place ads accidentally stepped on and tripped over a cable.
“Ya ~! Manager hyung ~! Palli ~ “Donghae shouted and immediately his feet caught in wires.

Donghae fall, could be said has been hit by a chair falling, too.
“Akh ~ APPO!”, Complained Donghae because his left chin and his shoulder injured.
“Donghae ~!”, Yunho shouted.
“Hyaaa ~”, shouted the artist make up while bringing medicine.
“Ukh ~”, Donghae kept holding his shoulder, though his face was injured.
“Come here”, Yunho pulled Donghae’s hand and pulled his dress.
“Aigo ~ Yunho, ill ~!” Donghae shouted.

Apparently Donghae bruised his shoulder very hard. Making his shoulder can’t move.
“It’s better you don’t shoot “, replied Yunho.
“Andwe ~, the contract must be resolved”, said Donghae.
“Babo~ really hell ~!”, Which annoyed Yunho tape Donghae’s shoulder directly. While Donghae just hold the pain.

Kibum’s P.O.V:

“Gayou ~ mi … mianhaeyo”, I said, to continue acting next.
“Do you remember? I was your fiancé, the person you love during this “, said Yoona loving me.
“Ne ~”, I replied immediately embraced Yoona, according to the script, aigo ~.
“Oppa ~!”, Yoona continued to cry in my arms, according to the script too
‘Wow ~ kissing scene? What can I do? ‘, I thought, looking at Yoona.
‘Think of Yoona’s my daughter that time, Kibum fighting’, I mutter, and the courage to do this scenes.
End of P.O.V
Donghae ran and went into the set.
“Donghae-ah, why you came late?”, Asked Siwon.
“Mian ~ there is little problem … on…”, Donghae’s voice shrank from seeing Kibum kissing scene with Yoona.
“You’re stunned, you? They are really cool”, Siwon said with a smile.
‘How my heart is sick huh?’, Thought Donghae, looking for Kibum with annoyed.
Hairdresser slapped Donghae’s head.
“Aigo ~!”, Screamed Donghae in pain.
“Let’s get dressed first,” said the hairdresser as she pulled Donghae.
In a special room for Donghae …
“Donghae, you would immediately become a stuntman is not?”, Asked the script author doesn’t know if Donghae was female.
“Eh?”, Said Donghae shocked.

“If you’re afraid, we would find a stuntman”, he said.
“Emm calculated ~ so-so experience, but I have to practice first,” said Donghae.
“You just have to training jump and speed”, said the paper maker.
“Ok ~ after school I will learn to master the area”, said Donghae agree.
“Ok ~ now you take the kiss scene with Siwon” she said.
“MWO?!”, Donghae shouted in disbelief.

Donghae out of his dressing room, he accidentally met Kibum who just finished a first take.
“Donghae, really just come?”, Asked Kibum as he wiped his lips.
“No need to be in a wipe, I’ve really tough,” Donghae replied irritably.
“Ani ~ why do you hate me so still the same?”, Asked Kibum.
“Hehe ~ mollayo”, said Donghae and then leave.
“YA ~!”, Kibum and Donghae pushed accidentally touched his shoulder.

PAK ..!

Because reflexes, Donghae struck Kibum with a vengeance.
Kibum shocked and silent. ‘Ck ~’, muttered Donghae and then leave.
Kibum really don’t understand with Donghae, but he always felt comfortable when he with Donghae.

“Kibum, Yoona look the take recording! Donghae, Siwon ready there~ “, replied the director.
“NE ~”, said the three of them without Donghae.
Kibum did not see the take results , he even saw Donghae and Siwon was chatting with a very close relationship.

“Donghae, Siwon, action ~!”, Said the director.

‘I’m kiss you in real’, whispered Siwon in Donghae. ‘Watch out if you dare’, threatened Donghae upset.

Donghae’s P.O.V:
“Kevin-ah! Eh ~!!”, Siwon shouted as well as manuscripts and fall of the manuscript.
Uuh, I’m not willing to ~!
‘Mmpph!’, I shocked, according to script.
‘EH? AH? EH? !!!’, Siwon~ Siwon really kiss me, aaaaaaaa ~
“MWOYA ?!!!! MY FIRST KISS ??!!!”, they yelled, shiiit ~! It must be professional.
End of P.O.V
‘Woohoo! CUT! ‘, Shouted the director.
Kibum and all the crew was silent, Siwon didn’t stop kissing Donghae even lasted 40 seconds.
“Hmmmp, Aaah, Hmmp”, Donghae sighed ungodly, because he can’t take some air.
“SIWON!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, Donghae shouted as he pushed Siwon.
“Hahahahahaha ~! Already break even! “, Siwon shouted with a laugh.
“Huu Huweeeeeeee ~ ~”, Donghae initially only cry and limp, but in the end he wept uncontrollably.

“Oh ~ ya, Donghae ~ don’t cry”, he said, stroking Donghae’s hair.
‘How come I’m in hot huh?’, Thought Kibum because feelings and the heat on his face.

“Nappeun! BABO! NOYAPIHE !!!”, Donghae shouted annoyed as he continued wiped his mouth.
“Mian Mian ~ as a sign I’m sorry, I will do all that you ask”, said Siwon.
“Jinjja?”, Asked Donghae. Siwon nodded.
“Tomorrow taught me to do something, meet me at the park,” said Donghae.
“Hmm ~ Well, there are going to dating?”, Sneered Yoona.
“Damn it ~! I’m not gay”, Siwon said although just acting.
Kibum conscious because Donghae kept holding his shoulder, he immediately took Donghae to home.

“Ki .. Kibum?”, Asked Donghae.
“Is it finished?”, Asked Kibum to the director.
” Yes~ It 2 days later again “, replied the director.
“We’re going home now”, replied Kibum pulled Donghae up to the bike and go straight.

“Kibum-ah ~! Waeyo? “, Donghae asked in a voice slightly rising.
“Open your shirt”, the command of Kibum.
“Why?”, Asked Donghae with a rather red face, covering his body.
“Tsk ~! Just your shirt sleeve”, Kibum replied immediately pulled and opened it.
“How swollen? Correct guess”, Kibum said as he saw the wound in Donghae’s shoulder.
“Eeeng ~ was struck down the table,” said Donghae.
“Are you sure? You don’t become a stuntman? I suspect “, said Kibum.
Donghae just shook his head innocently.

“Then …”, without further Kibum holding Donghae’s face gently.
‘Eh? Hell ya? ‘, Donghae thought, closing his eyes.
“Why does your face hurt rupture?”, Asked Kibum.
“I told you~!, my feet are drawee the cable also hit the table”, Donghae said firmly.
“Oh ~ so be careful,” said Kibum and immediately leave Donghae’s room.
“Ikemwoya?”, Donghae muttered and immediately locked the door of his room.

(To be continued)

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