See at a Glance NC-17 (Part 7 END)

After school …

“Donghae-ah,” Kibum said.
“Wae?”, Asked Donghae.
“I’m shooting in Tokyo”, said Kibum.
“Eh? Until when? “, Asked Donghae.
“Tomorrow ~ during the day”, said Kibum wiping Donghae’s head.
“Arrasso” Donghae said, smiling.
Kibum back gives Donghae quick kiss.
“You~ go there,” said Donghae.
Kibum smiled and immediately ran toward the car.
Donghae cry again, because tomorrow morning he will leave Seoul.

The next day …

“Bye-bye,” Donghae replied to the sixth hyung uh, sixth oppa.
“Be careful,” said Heechul.
“You don’t tell Kibum?”, Asked Siwon.
Donghae shook his head. He just smiled and then left.
“Tomorrow ~ breaking news will come out”, said Eeteuk.

Arriving in America …

“Appa ~”, said Donghae hugged his dad.
“Why? Where’s Snow? “, Asked dad.
Donghae shook his head.
“You said you’ve found it”, asked dad.
“I didn’t ask him,” said Donghae smiled.
“Wae? Is he hurt you? “, Asked dad.
“Ani …” Donghae replied trying to smile.
“Just cry ~”, said dad.
“Hiks hiks ~ I don’t want to disrupt his career just skyrocketed,” Donghae said, sobbing.
“Never mind ~ now rest in the room”, said dad.
“Ok”, said Donghae walked weakly into his room.

In the meantime ~

Kibum who is doing the shooting in Tokyo, shock with the arrival of Donghae’s manager.
“Manager-hyung, what happen?”, Asked Kibum.
“Donghae ~”, said manager.
“Donghae? What’s happen with him? “, Asked Kibum.
“He ~ He ~ He rested from world artists”, said manager.
“MWO ???”, Kibum cried.
“He chose to return to America with family reasons”, said manager.
“EH?”, Kibum really do not understand.
“News about he’s a women had already revealed”, said manager.
“MWO??!”, Kibum cried and ran to his car.
“Kibum ~!!!”, manager cried.

Kibum is shocked, runs his car to the airport. Buying a ticket to America and will leave there after a news conference in Thailand for 3 days.

4 Days later …

“Appa ~ I’m leaving”, said Donghae who was back into yeoja.
She chose to walk around the city where she lives now. Forget Kim Ki Bum aka Snow.
“Girl ~ this is for you”, said grandfather gave her a balloon containing the ring.
“Thank you”, said Donghae, puzzled.
Donghae walking and waiting time to cross.


Someone pulled Donghae got into the car.
‘A.. What happened? I.. I was abducted?”, Think Donghae fear.
Chu ~
kiss landed on Donghae’s cheek.
Donghae turned and fell silent. He saw the figure of a man who is she missed.
“Ya ~ why you in silent?”, Asked Kibum.
“…. You?”, Donghae was silent.
“Noisy, ring it for you”, said Kibum holding Donghae’s hands and kissing her.
“Mmph ~”, groaned Donghae.
“You’re beautiful,” Kibum said on the sidelines between kisses.
“Haah ~”, Donghae draw breath.
“Mr.~ take us to the nearest hotel,” said Kibum smiled Evil.
“Hey !!!”, Donghae shouted.

Arriving at the hotel …

Kibum threw Donghae into bed and kissed her roughly and hungrily.
“Hhhhh ~ Ki … Kibum … aah”, groaned Donghae.
“Mian ~ I’ve missed you”, said Kibum change his direction to Donghae’s neck.
Kissing and biting her neck, leaving some kiss mark there.
” Ki .. Kibum ~ turn off the lights”, said Donghae.
“For what? I want to see your face, “said Kibum.
“Ahh ~”, Donghae sighed as Kibum squeezed her breast.
“You? Really flat “, sneered Kibum.
“Aish! Then stopped it!, “said Donghae dejected.
“Eeit! Cann’t “, said Kibum return to enjoy Donghae’s body.
Touch and feel it.
“Aah Hhmph ~ ~ Argh ~ ah”, moaned Donghae, Where Kibum fuck her so much.
“Hae …” Kibum said during his pre-cum fluid into Donghae’s body.
“Aaaaargh ~!”, Groaned Donghae.
“Does it hurt?”, Asked Kibum kiss Donghae on the cheek, taking out his cock slowly.
“Haah ~ fuck you,” said Donghae drooping limply.
“Hehe ~ saranghae”, said Kibum hugged Donghae.
“Nado”, said Donghae Kibum replied to hug.
“Ya ~ how your career?”, Asked Donghae.
“I quit”, said Kibum smiled.
“MWO?”, Donghae shouted in disbelief.
“Noisy!” Kibum said pulling the blanket.


PS : i think this bad ending~ -__-



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