See at a Glance (Part 4)

Kibum’s P.O.V:

Ouch ~
I was wrong with you? My heart couldn’t stop ticking?
I like men?
No way ~! And don’t want to!
But if Donghae …
Akh! Just don’t be ..!
Get a grip, Kibum ..
End of P.O.V

Riii Riii ~
Kibum’s mobile phone alarm sounded, indicating already at 06.00 am.
Kibum got up from his sleep, and immediately turn off the phone.
‘Ah, this is still too early’, Kibum thought as she wiped his eyes.
Kibum got up and put on his jacket. He chose to make breakfast.
Donghae who also turned up early, choosing to drinks to the kitchen.

The sound of the stove and the smell of fried rice make Donghae hungry.

“Who’s cooking?”, Asked Donghae
“Ah ~ ~ annyeong,” Kibum said, waving his hand.
“Oh ~ ya you can cook too?”, Sneered Donghae.
“Yeah, Yeah, just say what would you say, i don’t care”, said Kibum.
Donghae pouted and sat waiting for food.
“Your Mood is back?”, Asked Kibum as he put the plate on the table.
Donghae nodded slowly. “What a strange”, said Kibum and back on his cooking.
Kibum again tasted his cooking. He was immediately put on the table.
“Let’s eat”, said Kibum with a smile to Donghae.
Donghae’s Ears was red saw Kibum’s smile.
“Your arms ok?”, Asked Kibum while eating his’s fried rice.
“NDE? It’s better though still difficult for the move “, said Donghae.
“Do you want to go?”, Asked Kibum as he drank his drink.
“Ne ~ with Siwon”, Donghae said as he smoothed his bangs that fall apart.
Kibum wrinkling his brow.
“With Siwon? You’re real gay huh? “, Asked Kibum.
“Ya ~! No! “, Donghae screamed until he choked.
“You are, have a drink first and then wash your mouth”, Kibum said, slapping Donghae’s head.
“Ne ~ and then do you want to go to?”, Asked Donghae.
“Looks like in the dorm alone,” Kibum said as he cleared the table.
“Well, I want a bath first,” said Donghae ran to his room.

“Ki … Kibum”, Donghae said as he knocked Kibum’s door.
“Waeyo?”, Asked Kibum out of his room, half naked.
‘Omo?’, Donghae’s face reddened.
“Donghae ~ waegure?”, Asked Kibum holding Donghae’s head.
“Can you carry my bag? To the motorcycle~ please”, pleaded Donghae.
“Very well, indeed you can drive? Your hands in pain”, Kibum replied, at length.
“I try dear ~”, remarked Donghae.
“Ssireo ~!”, Said Kibum immediately take Donghae’s luggage but now his face is very red.

“I’m leaving now,” said Donghae turn on the bike.
“Ya ~! If you’re really do stuntmant, I’ll kill you “, Kibum threats.

Donghae went to a place, where he make a pact with Siwon.

‘Akh, jinjja appo’, Donghae muttered, holding his arm.

Arriving at the park

“Donghae-ah,” shouted Siwon running toward Donghae.
“Wow ~ I think you’ll be late”, Donghae said, slapping Siwon’s arm.
“Yeah ~ I don’t lazy like that”, said Siwon upset.
Donghae nodded, laughing.
“Why are you taking me here?”, Asked Siwon.
“Hmm ~ teach me how to be a stuntman,” said Donghae.
“MWO?!”, Siwon shouted in disbelief.
“You! Stuntman? “, Asked Siwon.
“Ne ~ Siwonie”, said Donghae.
“But Donghae, you’re a female, it’s dangerous,” said Siwon.
“You stupid! I like new things, and I want to do that”, Donghae said firmly.
“Andwe ~” Siwon said, shaking his head.
“Aah ~ please Siwonnie”, pleaded Donghae with eye dog.
“One doesn’t remain,” said Siwon.
“Huuft ~! Hard! “, Sneered Donghae upset.
“It’s up! Anyway you might not be a stuntman “, Siwon advice.

Riing Riing

Mobile Donghae reads

“Donghae-ssi, are you ready to become a stuntman?”
“Ne ~ what happen?”
“Can we take the scene now? Just only jump from the window “,
“Hmm ~ ne ~ I’ll be there now”,

Donghae turn off cell phone and ran up the bike.
“YA! Where do you want to go? “, Siwon shouted.
“There is a business! Useless ask this to you “, shouted the Donghae and then leave.
“Huuh!”, The vituperation Ma Siwon upset.

Donghae had arrived at the set
“Donghae-ssi, change your clothes”, said the makeup artist.
“Ne ~”, Donghae walked directly toward her.
Waiting Donghae was make up, the crew re-check all equipment to be safe.

“Yosh!” Donghae said as he smoothed his hair.
“Roll! Camera! Action! “, Shouted the director
Donghae ran to the window with full speed, and then he jumped so hard, he fell just above the matrass.
‘Ouch!’, Donghae’s foot accidentally hit the wall but he managed to handle and jump to the matrass.
‘Fuuh ~’, Donghae heaved a breath.
“Donghae-ah?”, Asked someone.
“Eh? Eunhyuk-ah? “,Donghae asked.
“You? So stuntman? “, Asked Eunhyuk.
“Just for today, and you?”, Donghae asked, wiping sweat.
“I play a movie action here,” said Eunhyuk smiled.
“Wow! Cool! I also want “Donghae said, smiling.
“Your legs are fine?”, Asked Eunhyuk.
“Ne ~”, said Donghae smiled and tried to stand.
‘Akh! Pain ‘, moaned Donghae, holding his legs.
“I think that’s pain~! Come with me to the hospital now “, Eunhyuk said holding Donghae’s hand.

“Ya ~! YA ~! “Donghae shouted. But was ignored by Eunhyuk.

Arriving at the hospital …

” Donghae’s foot lord possessed fragments of glass and pieces of wood”, said doctor.
“His hands?”, Asked Eunhyuk who saw Donghae’s hand was swollen.
“It’s sprained, but because of the swelling and let it become necessary in sewing the wound”, said doctor.
“Sew?”, Donghae asked incredulously.
“Ne ~” Eunhyuk said, smiling. The doctor just nodded.
“Uum ~”, Donghae whined. “If the sewing now, when it completed?”, Asked Eunhyuk.
“4-5 hours”, said the doctor. “Well”, said Eunhyuk. Donghae just wait for fate.

5 hours later …

“Aish! I want die~!”, groaned Donghae holding his leg.
“Ya, obviously it hurts! You’re too careless! You’re yeoja, keep your body properly, “said Eunhyuk length.
“Ne ~ Ne ~, please don’t tell this to Kibum,” said Donghae.
“Waeyo? He’s got to know when you’re his room mate?”, Asked Eunhyuk.
“Andweyo ~ he’ll kill me”, said Donghae.
“Hmm ~ killed or who killed your heart?”, Teased Eunhyuk.
“Eh? What do you mean? “, Asked Donghae didn’t understand.
“Donghae-ah, Donghae-ah, I mean you like Kibum is not it?”, Asked Eunhyuk.
“Eh! ANIYO ~! “Donghae shouted.
“Liar ~ But what you’ve found the ‘snow’?”, Asked Eunhyuk.
Donghae shook his head weakly.
“Aish! Jinjja ~ “, said Eunhyuk.
“But he looked like Snow” Donghae replied softly.
“A.. What?”, Asked Eunhyuk not being heard Donghae clearly.
“Ssireo”, said Donghae turned into another conversation.
“Ish! Forget it! Let’s go home “, said Eunhyuk help Donghae to walking.

Arriving at the dorm …

Ting Tong

“YA ~! Kim Kibum! Open the door “, Eunhyuk shouted as he pounded on the room number 23 of Donghae’s body bolster.
“Jjamkanma”, cheering Kibum and immediately opened the door.

Kibum stopped seeing Eunhyuk bolster Donghae’s body and bandages wrapped around Donghae’s legs.

“A.. Ha .. Hi”, said Donghae smiled wryly.
“What happen with yiu?”, Asked Kibum and help Eunhyuk to bolster Donghae.
“Donghae do …”, Eunhyuk paused and looked at Donghae.
‘Please, don’t tell it’, Donghae’s face appeared to provide cues.
“What happen with him?”, Asked Kibum.
“He had a traffic accident,” said Eunhyuk lying.
“There was something odd about you guys ~”, said Kibum open the door and helped Eunhyuk to bolster Donghae.

“Ish ~”, groaned Donghae holding his legs while going to sit on the couch.
“I go home now, Annyeong ~”, said Eunhyuk ran directly.
‘Furthermore, it’s up to you Lee Donghae’, Eunhyuk shouted inwardly.

(To be continued)


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