See at a Glance (part 5)

“Ya ~ Do you become a stuntman?”, Asked Kibum, glowering at Donghae.
“MWO? Nan? Aniyo ~ “, said Donghae shook his head.
“Eii ~ even pretend you’re smart, you cann’t lie to me”, said Kibum.
“ANIYO ~”, said Donghae.
“Tsk ~ Now open your shirt, I will replace the bandages,” said Kibum.
“Eh? No … no, a.. I could change myself”, said Donghae took the bandage from Kibum’s hand.
“Tsk ~ whatever”, Kibum went into his room.
“Ohyuuu ~”, Donghae throw away the breath of relief.

In Donghae’s room…

‘Haah’, Donghae sat up in bed. Take a mirror and look in the mirror.
‘My hair is really short now’, thought Donghae smoothing his hair.
‘I miss dressing up’, Donghae said as he sucked in his breath.

Tring …

Suddenly a crazy idea from his mind.

‘Just once’, said Donghae in his heart and began to dress up. ‘The dress from appa”, thought Donghae took the dress in the closet. ‘AIH ~ it’s hurt’, Donghae said his injuries scratched.

Donghae raised slowly, and saw the dress. ‘Ah, not so sa …’, before Donghae put the dress back, someone opened the door.

SREK. With the rapid, directly Donghae threw the dress into the mattress and remove the make up.

“Ki … Kibum-ssi, waeyo?”, Asked Donghae.
“Heechul-hyung ~”, said Kibum pointed out.
“Ah ~ a.. I get there soon,” said Donghae.
“Here, I will help you ~”, said Kibum.
“Gamsahamnida”, said Donghae walked shuffling while on Kibum’s hold

“Donghae-ah ~!”, Heechul shouted see the state of Donghae.
“Annyeong ~”, said Donghae.
“You do this again! I hear from Eunhyuk you ~, ” Heechul stop his words.
Donghae tried to remind Heechul because Kibum is still there.
“You’re had traffic accident,” said Heechul. Donghae breathe.
“I’m back to my room,” said Kibum and then leave.

“Oppa ~ waegure?”, Donghae whispered.
“Use ‘hyung’ now’, said Heechul.
“Hyung, waegure?”, Asked Donghae.
“You become a stuntman? Have you gone mad? “, Whispered Heechul but with loud tone.
“Mian ~ I learned my lesson,” said Donghae.
“Tsk ~ what if ajussi know, you’re really going to America,” said Heechul warned.
“Ara ~ I know, but I didn’t find him”, said Donghae.
“Snow? Don’t you remember anything about him? “, Asked Heechul.
“Jja … jjamkan”, said Donghae started thinking.
Heechul waited patiently.
“Ah, the scar on his wrist when no one on the left”, said Donghae.
“Good, tomorrow we survey,” said Heechul.
“Bu.. but hyung, I don’t want to go home”, pleaded Donghae.
“Ikemwoya? I don’t even want you to keep this up, “said Heechul.
“Haah ~”, said Donghae.
“Or do you like Kibum?”, Asked Heechul.
“Nan ~ andwe!,” Donghae shouted.
“Well i hope~ Kibum is the Snow”, said Heechul.
“Hyung ~!!”, Donghae said grimly.
“Ya ~ Tell me the story about your meeting with Snow”, said Heechul.
“Arrasso ~ Once upon a time, …”

Let us return to the past …

Donghae, since childhood she had been plunged into the world of drama.
“Annyeonghaseyo ~princess imnida” said Donghae bent.
Now she is doing drama. However, no one expected that the lamp light that is directly above Donghae, fell down.
“Hae ~! Look out! “, Shouted Siwon who watch.
Donghae, who shock was silent waiting for the fall of light.
“Akh”, said someone.
“….”, Donghae stopped looking at him.
“Gwenchana?”, He asked.
“Ne ~”, said Donghae.
“Princess, next time be careful, ah ~ dwarves waiting for you, get there fast ~ I’ll scold advertisers will light,” she said and then walked away.
“Ah, your wrist ~”, said Donghae who saw the wounded man’s hands got broken glass.
“Aah ~ only award for this”, he said.
“Yeah ~ what’s your name?”, Shouted Donghae.
“Me ~ Snow~!”, He said as he showed the ring-shaped snow.
“Ne ~,” Donghae said waving his hand.


“Aigo ~ Babo Lee Donghae”, said Heechul ruffled Donghae’s hair.
“Hmmp ~”, Donghae puff up his cheek.
“Hae ~ dress that given your father still around?”, Asked Heechul.
“Anii ~ Wae?”, Said Donghae lying.
“Aish ~ if so you don’t want to come?”, Asked Heechul.
“Where?”, Asked Donghae.
“Be a guest star in reality show,” said Heechul.
“Oh ~ arrasso, hyung who became the host is not it?”, Asked Donghae.
“Of course ~, invite the new kid ok?,” said Heechul.
“Ya ~ I’m not able to walk, you are persuaded him,” said Donghae.
“Arrasso ~”, Heechul straight upwards.

5 minutes later …

Kibum down by using existing clothes.
“Kajja ~”, said Heechul helped Donghae walk.
“What are you do with him?”, Donghae whispered.
“Hehe ~ secret”, said Heechul smiled.
But actually Heechul threatened Kibum with a knife.
‘Aish’, vituperation Kibum that runs behind Donghae.

Show time

“Annyeonghaseyo, cinderella, Kim Heechul imnida,” said Heechul.
“Ne ~ please welcome Lee Donghae and Kim Ki Bum”, he said pointing to the Donghae and Kibum.
“Annyeong ~ Donghae imnida”, said Donghae smiled.
“Annyeonghaseyo ~ Kibum imnida”, said Kibum smiled.
“Ne ~ Kibum-ssi, Donghae-ssi”, call Heechul.
“Ne?”, Asked both of them.
“Did you guys already know what theme this time?”, Asked Heechul.
“Aniyo ~”, said both.
“Ehehe ~ theme is Namja dress yeoja,” said Heechul smiled.
“MWO?”, Shouted Kibum.
“MWOHANEUNGOYA???”, Donghae shouted
“Ehehe ~ no protest, but Kibum-ssi just as jurors,” said PD.
“EH? NA? “, Asked Heechul. PD nod.
It turns out that women should dress is Heechul and Donghae.
“Aish!”, Vituperation Heechul. “… ..”, Donghae just quiet resignation.

(To be continued)


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