See at a Glance (part 6)

15 minutes later …

Heechul and Donghae out dressed women. They’re even more beautiful than real women. “Hmmph ~”, Kibum holding his laughter when he saw Heechul and Donghae.

Donghae : Heechul :

“What do you think Kibum-ssi?”, Asked PD.
“HHI ~ Heechul looked more like yeoja, but Donghae looks like a sissy,” said Kibum laughed.
Heechul stopped and immediately turned to Donghae. Donghae seemed shocked to hear Kibum’s words. ‘Uukh ~’, groaned Donghae.
Tes Tes …

“Do .. Donghae-ah”, said Heechul see Donghae’s tears.
Kibum shocked and the staff too.
“Ah ~ mi … mianhamnida” Donghae said, wiping tears from her eyes.
“Wae … waegure?”, Asked PD.
“A.. Aniyo ~, only a sore wound,” said Donghae and then ran into the locker room.
“Time!”, Said PD.
“Donghae!”, Shouted Heechul pursuit Donghae. Kibum too, ran after Donghae.

In the locker room ~

“Donghae!”, Said Heechul break down the door.
“A … aniyo ~”, said Kibum.
“Ya ~ you look elsewhere, if you see him,call me,” said Heechul.
“Ne ~”, said Kibum.

In the garden ~

“Hiks ~ I’m not a sissy, I’m a girl,” sobbed Donghae, taking off his wig.
Kibum who was found Donghae sobbing in the park.
“Ya ~ Lee Donghae”, Kibum said.
Donghae immediately wiped tears from his eyes and looked back at Kibum.
“Wae?!,” Donghae asked coldly.
“What’s wrong with you?”, Asked Kibum.
“Aniyo ~”, said Donghae put his head down.
Kibum sat next to Donghae. And looked at him tenderly.

“For what you saw? Not disgusted look sissy? “, Asked Donghae.
Kibum shock and his face turned red. ‘I like Donghae? No! ‘, He cried silently.
“Go away!” Donghae replied irritably.
But Kibum who felt his brain was at the maximum limit, he give a quick kiss to Donghae.
Donghae’s eyes grew wide and his face was red like boiled shrimp.

“What …? what are you doing? “, Donghae asked, holding his lips.
“I think I love you”, said Kibum.
“You? Are you crazy? I’m a man “, said Donghae.
“I know ~ but …”, said Kibum and accidentally shows an injured wrist.
Donghae stopped to see the wound.
“Kibum ~ where you have that wound?”, Asked Donghae.
“Ah, I save yeoja and get this injury,” said Kibum.
“Do you have a ring?”, Asked Donghae.
“The ring ? I just got in the form of snow, “said Kibum.

Donghae’s P.O.V:
“The ring? I just got in the form of snow “, he said.
Oh my god, Kibum is the Snow ~ Aish, my tears wouldn’t stop! What should I do ~ sad or happy? Haah!

“Snow?” Donghae asked. “Eh? Why do you know that name? “, Asked Kibum.
“Sure enough, you was the Snow ~ gomawoyo”, Donghae said and then ran left Kibum.
“YAAAAAAAAAAAA ~!!!!”, Kibum cried.
Heechul sucked in his breath just looking from a distance.

Dormitory ~

Call ~ ‘Appa’.
“Donghae-ah?”, Asked the father.
“Appa ~ I’ve found him,” said Donghae.
“Jinjja? But why is your voice vibrating? “, Asked the father.
“A … ani ~ 2 days ago, I will go home”, said Donghae.
“Arrasso ~ i will take care of everything”, said dad.
“Ne ~”, said Donghae.

He immediately jumped back into bed and cry.


Donghae who hears someone coming, for sure it was Kibum. he immediately ran to lock the door of his room. However, in because of an injured Donghae’s foot, Kibum first break down the door and closed it.

Kibum came close to Donghae.
“Hajima ~ mmmph”, Donghae’s speech cut because Kibum lock his lips.
“Aah ~ Ki .. Kibum”, Donghae groaned.

Kibum is upset with Donghae, licking his lower lip to Donghae opened his lips. Donghae still lock his lips and don’t want to open his mouth.
“Hmmph ~ ah”, Donghae finally opened his mouth, because Kibum biting his lower lip.
Playing his tongue in Donghae’s sweet lips.
“Aaah ~”, groaned Donghae desperately pushing Kibum.

“Bogoshiposo ~”, said Kibum hugged Donghae.
“Sorry ~ I’m glad to see you,” said Donghae smiled.
Kibum kiss Donghae’s forehead.
“You yeoja?”, Asked Kibum. Donghae nodded.
“Saranghaeyo”, said Kibum hugged Donghae.
“Na .. na .. do “, said Donghae.
“Mian ~ already calling you a sissy,” said Kibum kiss Donghae back.
“…….”, Donghae Just be quiet while replying Kibum kissing.

The next day
Apparently Donghae fall asleep in Kibum’s arms. He woke up first. Choose to prepare meals.


Kibum hold Donghae’s hand. “Wa .. waeyo?”, Donghae asked confused.
Kibum just smiled and pulled Donghae.
“Hae ~”, whispered Kibum in Donghae’s ear with sexy.
“Ah ~ Ki .. Ki Bum, please, don’t be like that”, said Donghae.
“I can’t stand anymore”, said Kibum attractive Donghae’s face.

“Mmph ~ aa”, groaned Donghae. Kibum kissing her roughly.
“Kibum!” Donghae shouted annoyed.
“Mi .. mian”, said Kibum.
“YOU ~! Aish! “, Donghae a dilemma because tomorrow he would leave the Korean entertainment world and the people who really loved.
“What happen with you?”, Asked Kibum.
“Aniyo ~”, said Donghae walked into the kitchen.

After getting ready, they were off to school.
Arriving at school, Donghae is usually teased by his hyung. Jump in drag to headmaster’s space. Kibum just shut up and put his bag in the classroom.

“Hae ~”, Shindong hugged Donghae. Neither Heechul and Eeteuk.
Siwon and Eunhyuk just sitting on the couch. While Hankyung fetch tea.
“Uhuhuhuhu ~”, Donghae cry uncontrollably.
“Ouljima ~”, said Heechul.
“Why did you tell this to your father?”, Asked Eunhyuk.
“Hiks mianhae ~ I must keep my promise,” said Donghae.
“Tomorrow, please contact us if you’re already going to the airport,” said Heechul.
“Huuhuuu”, sobbed Eeteuk and Shindong. Hankyung and Siwon just shake them head.
“Arrasso”, said Donghae.

Donghae and the others went back to class. Following the usual lessons and activities as usual.

(To be continued)


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