See at a Glance (Part 4)

Kibum’s P.O.V:

Ouch ~
I was wrong with you? My heart couldn’t stop ticking?
I like men?
No way ~! And don’t want to!
But if Donghae …
Akh! Just don’t be ..!
Get a grip, Kibum ..
End of P.O.V

Riii Riii ~
Kibum’s mobile phone alarm sounded, indicating already at 06.00 am.
Kibum got up from his sleep, and immediately turn off the phone.
‘Ah, this is still too early’, Kibum thought as she wiped his eyes.
Kibum got up and put on his jacket. He chose to make breakfast.
Donghae who also turned up early, choosing to drinks to the kitchen.
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See at a Glance (Part 3)

Piip Piip, incoming sms.

‘From Siwon?’, Donghae thought, opening the contents of these sms.

YA ~ you’ve read the script?
I really kiss you ok? ~: P

“EEH ?!!!”, Donghae shouted annoyed.
Wishes ~!
You want in say gay?

Piip Piip, replies
Gay what?
You are yeoja
Hahahaha ~

“IIIKH! Bummer! “, Donghae shouted immediately throw phone.

Donghae went first because they have to take ads in some places.
‘Huuh ~ I’m afraid’, Kibum moaned in her heart.
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Protected: EunHae NC-17 Yaoi

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Forever 13 (Part 1)

Part 1

13 years ago ~

“Eeteukie ~ let’s wake up, this was at 8 am”, said yeoja give a body shook to little Eeteuk.
“Nngh ~ nuna, I’m still sleepy,” Eeteuk said, wiping his eyes.
“Aigo ~ you’ve got to school today”, said the noona warned.
“I don’t want that alone ~”, whined Eeteuk.
“Oh, what can we do? You must be school, ireonayo “, said the nuna pulled Eeteuk’s blanket and carried him into the bathroom. Took him toothbrush and then bathing him.
“Nuna ~ when I have a friend? I’m bored alone “, said Eeteuk.
“Ne, ne, but you must be diligent to school first”, said the nuna while combing hair Eeteuk.
“Huft”, said Eeteuk make a chubby style.
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See at a Glance (Part 2)

“Ikemwoya?!”, Shouted Kibum.
“I should have said so”, said Donghae annoyed while sleeping on her favorite couch.
“Since when did I become so? I do not have to audition ~ “, said Kibum said, back and forth trying to remember something.
‘Riing Riing’

Mobile Kibum sound ~
“YA ~! Kibum-ah “,
“Hyung? Waegure? ”
“Go to S Entertaiment now”,
“Hyung ~ is your job huh?”
“Hurry up~, come here now!”,
“YA~! Wae? ”
“Hurry ~ bye”,
“Ah ~ Hyung, jjakam jjakam ~”,

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See at a Glance (Part 1)

Pairing             : Donghae / Kibum

Rate                  : Molla~?

Author               : Ellena Park

Kibum’s P.O.V

“Annyeonghaseyo, Kibum imnida ~”,

Today is my first day in class XI 3.

But why?

Why in this class and the class was cornered at the end?

And, why I was in class artists such as them?

End of P.O.V

“Ne ~ Kibum-ssi, you sit next to Lee Donghae, there ~ ‘,
“Ah ~ gamsahamnida sungsaengnim”, Kibum nodded and walked lazily to the bench.

“Annyeonghaseyo ~”, replied the friend friendly.

Jlip Jlip.

Donghae staring Kibum’s face with puppy eyes.
‘Eh? what? ‘, Thought Kibum and somewhat distanced his face.
“Ya~, you’re cute, but your voice so manly ~ severe,” Donghae said.
‘That’s a compliment or mockery?’, Thought Kibum a bit upset.
“Donghae-ah, you did it again”, said Namja who sat behind Donghae.
“He always do that, sit down”, said yeoja.
‘Ah, he’s Yoona? The Famous artist ‘, thought Kibum smile to her.
“Henry imnida ~!”, Shouted the Namja who sat behind Donghae.

Kibum just nodded.
“Yoona imnida”, said the yeoja with a smile.
‘Guess right’, thought Kibum taking out his book.

“Donghae imnida ~”, said Lee Donghae who sat next to Kibum.
“Kibum imnida ~ ..”, said Kibum nodded flat.
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