Super Junior


1. Leetuk LI TE – 利 (merit) 特 (special) → Meritly Special Dak Lei  Dennis Park.. Leeteuk’s real name, which means: the peaceful way of living, freedom, happiness and perfect

2. Heechul XI CHE – 希 (hope) 澈 (clear) → Hopeful Chit Casey Kim Hae.. Kim Heechul original name, which means: Works perfect, hope, kind and polite, Feast, excitement and marriage

3. Hankyung Han Geng – 韩 (surname) 庚 (age) → Heavenly Age Hon Joshua Tan Gang Han Geng original name, which mean: Blessing of God, the blessed, independence

4. YI Sheng Yesung – 艺 (art) 声 (voice) → Art-like Voice Jeremy Sing Ngai Kim.. Yesung original name, which means: Strength, artistic, peaceful life of households

5. Kangin Qiang REN – 强 (strength) 仁 (humaneness) → Humane Strength Jordan Kim Keung Yan… Kang in the original name, which means: living a peaceful way, Greedy / strong, fun, free, happy and perfect


6. Shindong SHEN TONG – 神 (god) 童 (child) → Prodigy San Tung Shin Matthew Shindong original name, which mean: The judge / court, feeling the justice, sacrifice, feast, fun


7. Sungmin Sheng MIN – 晟 (Splendor) 敏 (keen) → Sharpness Sing Man Vincent Lee Sungmin Lee’s real name, which means: love and happiness, exhausting trip, the perfect job


8. HE Yin Eunhyuk – 银 (silver) 赫 (radiant) → Radiant Silver Ngan Haak Spencer Lee.. Eunhyuk original name, which means: A long journey, good address, gracious and merciful nature


9. Donghae DONG HAI – 东 (east) 海 (sea) → East Sea Dung Hoi Lee Aiden… Lee Donghae original name, which means: God’s Blessings, Home Affairs and its contents, Strength, wisdom


10. SHI YUAN Si Won – 始 (begin) 源 (origin) → Origins Chi Yun Choi Andrew.. Choi Siwon original name, which means: Perfection and kindness, Eager, knowledgeable and beauty, forgiveness and freedom, Holy.


11. Ryeowook LI XU – 厉 (severe) 旭 (sunrise) → Powerful Sunrise Yuk Lai Kim Nathan Kim Ryeowook original name, which means: The feeling of justice, Strength, wisdom, and influence


12. Ki Bum QI FAN – 起 (rise) 范 (rule) → Rising Law Bryan Trevor Kim Hae Faan ….. Kim Kibum original name , which mean: It worked well, smart and lucky, sadness and lack of perfection, joy, doubt-Nature doubt, Spiritual, mystical, belief in spirits, Foolishness


13. Kyuhyun GUI Xian – 圭 (jade tablets) 贤 (worthy) → Worthy Like Jade Marcus Gwai Yin Cho… Cho Kyuhyun original name, which mean: gracious and merciful nature, nature in doubt, sacrifice, and love science Kesentausaan, Sacrifice, happiness, honor and marriage.


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